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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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I have one sentence for ALL of you: Get an agreement, even among you, and PUT IT IN WRITING. OK, you can videotape it if you prefer, but make a record of EXACTLY what you've agreed to. Also, if you work with others in the future, GET THAT IN WRITING. Yes, I'm what the English call a solicitor... a documentation lawyer. It's the job of the doc lawyer to cut the business of the courtroom guys. Even if you don't use a lawyer, just reducing agreements to black and white forces people to be express about their hopes and intentions.
I agree. I have harped on this while everything steamrollered forward despite my putting the breaks and getting this all spelled out on paper first and signed. So you get no argument from me Barb. I was saying this to John Hughes from the beginning with Josh Johnson hounding me repeatedly every step of the way on this point. Totally agree.

By the way thank you for the wise and sage advice. Written agreements pin people down so they can't wiggle out of it. I prefer it that way. Forces people to be repsonsible and uphold their end of the bargain.
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