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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

John plans on being out at the hangar this evening. I plan on taking pics of the progress and posting them late this evening just to keep things current here.

John has asked me to come back onto the production and I have been very reluctant given all that has gone down that I tried to prevent from the outset. So reluctantly I have agreed to offer my services in managerial oversight in planning and managing his resources to the max to get him out of this mess. ( Other than that I will be totally hands off in the production...and keep myself at arms length from everything that is going on. John Hughes and crew have asked that I step in and take over in case of an emergency when things get out of hand. I do have misgivings over this since this whole ordeal has been egg on everyone's face....but I have agreed. I hope it does not happen again and that I won't have to do anything which I prefer at this point....) As it stands now his budget will not allow payment on the hangar past January. So we made the decision to find cheap storage ( safe protected from the weather storage ) that would allow his wallet to recouperate. Our plan is to finish the physical construction of the bridge in place before moving out in January, and finish it cosmetically while in storage. I have recommended that he and Charley England focus on scripting and casting and final prep for production. That way he will be ready to hit the ground running when they come out of storage. Maurice's suggestions on how to do things I have been in complete agreement with the whole time. ( I just had my hands tied in following through with John's decisions as a result. I say this to put to ease Maurice's concerns over this time around...) We are now searching for cheap storage. John has mentioned he has found a 2 car garage size facility for $90 a month. I have voiced my concerns that we need to shoot as each part of the script is done and that storage should facilitate pulling necessary set pieces out for on the spot filming. Or at least find nearby space to film in that has the necessary height minimum for the bridge and just try to block our shots tight to work around the lack of space for long shots like we initially intended. This is still a plan in progress and evolving literally by the minute. As for additional sets they will be built as needed at each stage of the scripting immediately prior to filming.

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