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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 10 - Part 2

In the central square SG1 approached the nearer of the meeting places. Cameron, Daniel and Teal’c walked inside. “Does anyone have any news regarding the abandonment of the Trading town near here?” Daniel asked.

There was silence in the room.

“We’re not leaving until we get an answer,” Teal’c said.

There was murmuring amongst the patrons of the establishment before a young lady slipped away and approached the trio. “We don’t like talking about the situation,” she said.

“Indeed?” Teal’c asked.

“I’ll say more elsewhere,” she said.

“Let’s go,” Cameron said, as he noticed the other people in the room getting restless.

Sam and the others saw the others come out of the meeting place. “Any information, sir?”

“None, although apparently this lady here is willing to divulge the information in the face of tremendous social pressure,” Daniel said.

“It’s not that bad,” the lady said.

“We haven’t been introduced,” Cameron said.

“I’m Aa’lsaiii’ Yev, local leader of the Record Keeping Guild, come to the Records Hall and I will fill you in on the situation,” she said.

“That is important?”Vala asked.

“You will see,” Daniel said.

“Facinating,” Felicia said.

They soon approached the Records Hall, a building which resembled the library that they had seen in the other town.

Aa’lsaiii’ lead SG-1 to a side entrance and opened the door. “We’re going into the non-public area of the Records Hall. Don’t touch the records without permission,” she said.

‘Of course, the Records Hall is a library,’ Kiara thought. ‘But that would mean that Aa’lsaiii’ is a librarian.’

They passed through the non-public area of the Records Hall, what would on Earth be called the ‘Stacks’ to a large room on the other side of the structure. “This is the Recordkeeper Guild’s meeting room, but the other members are busy at the moment,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

The seven from Earth (and Tyria) sat on the various chairs as Aa’lsaiii’ laid out some glasses of water.

“We had heard of the Priors and this ‘Origin’ that they are espousing from our contacts on various worlds. We knew that it wouldn’t take long before they would get here,” Aa’lsaiii’ began.

“And so a Prior came,” Cameron said.

“Yes, the people of Re’iav Lleag were frightened, but they sent messengers with the message that a Prior had come. So plans were put in place in case a Prior should come back. I have also heard that teams have gone through the gate in search of uninhabited worlds,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

“Impressive,” Sam said.

“So the town was abandoned. But when we arrived there, there wasn’t any Prior,” Cameron said.

“If he found the town deserted he may have gone back to the gate,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

“No doubt that is what you are counting on, but he may just journey to another settlement,” Daniel said.

“Then that settlement would be abandoned too. We will not let them dictate to us, or enslave us as our ancestors were enslaved!” Aa’lsaiii’ said. She grabbed a tome off a bookshelf. “I’m sure you are familiar with the subject matter,” she opened the tome and placed it in front of Daniel. He read a paragraph from the tome before realising that the tome depicted the planet’s revolution against the Goa’uld.

“But the Ori are worse than the Goa’uld! They will not give up as easily as the System Lords did,” Daniel said.

“We shall see,” Aa’lsaiii’ said as she took a sip from her water.

Tamsin was about to interject when there was a knock on the door and another lady, dressed similarly to Aa’lsaiii’, came in.

“Sorry to interrupt Ma’am, but there is an urgent message,” she said.

“Let her in,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The messenger paused upon seeing the team in the room with Aa’lsaiii’.

“They are Tau’ri, they can hear the message,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

The messenger began telling the message to Aa’lsaiii’ and the others.

“...And so the Prior is on his way here,” the messenger concluded.

“That’s not good news, go and find the rest of the Guild,” Aa’lsaiii’ said.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the messenger said, she quickly left.

“What are your plans?” Aa’lsaiii’ asked Cameron.

“We are going to intercept the Prior,” he said.

“We are?” Daniel asked.

“We are not going to let another village full of people leave their homes behind because of some idealistic plan,” Cameron said.

“We are leaving this village as soon as we can organise,” Aa’lsaiii’ said. “In the meantime you are welcome to look in the Records Hall,” she continued.

“Right,” Daniel said.

Daniel and Tamsin were looking at various books in the Records Hall as Cameron and Aa’lsaiii’ continued to argue.

“I’m certain that this village will be abandoned,” Tamsin said.

“I agree,” Daniel said.

“But they are just going to leave all their stuff here?” Tamsin asked.

“Somehow I think they have that planned too. Send periodic expeditions to retrieve the artefacts that they had left behind,” Daniel said.

“Makes sense,”

“Another question, how are you understanding the writings here?” Daniel asked.

“The TARDIS,” Tamsin said.

“The TARDIS, what?” Daniel asked.

“It’s translating the writing for me, same with speech in most places we go,” Tamsin said.

“Interesting, but how could that work over interstellar distances?” Daniel asked.

“I don’t know. It could be using the Stargate Network as a relay for all I know,” Tamsin said.

“I think the SGC would notice that,” Daniel said.

“Probably,” Tamsin said.

General Landry entered the control room.

“Sir, I have determined the source of the mysterious power drain in the Stargate,” Harriman said.

“And?” the general asked.

“It’s that TARDIS, it’s somehow tapped into the ‘Gate’s control circuitry.”

“Call the Doctor to the control room, now!”

“Yes, sir.”

Aaenb, Ao Plailla, Tiloana (P6Y-362)
“I’ve also noticed that the villagers seem to be speaking English,” Tamsin said.

“Yes, on most worlds, there is a translation matrix hidden in the platforms beneath the gate, it works in a radius of 100 kilometres, using large nanobots to change the audio,” Daniel said.

“Interesting,” Tamsin said.

Then Aa’lsaiii’ entered the Records Hall from outside. “Preparations to leave the village are well underway. Colonel Mitchell is also asking for you,” she said.

“Right, let’s go,” Daniel said. Tamsin followed him out.

Daniel and Tamsin exited the Records Hall into a scene of frenzy. Villagers were running about trying to organise their departure. They walked up to the rest of SG1.

“This is Lana Halaia, she will accompany you on your interception of the Prior,” Aa’lsaiii’ said, indicating a nearby Record Keeper.

“That isn’t really necessary,” Cameron said.

“I insist, besides, she can hold her own in a fight,” Aa’lniii said.

“Right,” Cameron said, doubtfully.

Lana then swirled her staff in the air then stopped a few centimetres short of driving it into Cameron’s face.

Seeing the tough expression on Lana’s face, Cameron then pushed the staff down. “I see your point. Are all Record Keepers like this?”

“Not all, Tau’ri. Only after being in the Guild for more than three years,” Lana said.

“Good to know,” Cameron said.

Fifteen minutes later, SG1 left the rapidly emptying village in the direction of the Prior’s advance.

“We should intercept the Ori forces in less than an hour, Colonel,” Lana said.

“Remember, follow my directions, don’t just charge into the formation,” Cameron said.

“I’m not stupid, Colonel!” Lana retorted.

Cameron sighed.

The Doctor hadn’t been found anywhere in the SGC and hadn’t been noticed leaving. So there was only one place he could be; in the TARDIS. General Landry knocked on the TARDIS door. The Doctor opened it.

“Hi, I know what this is about. And answer is no,” he said.

“How did you know?” Landry asked.

“There is no other reason I can think of,” the Doctor said.

“What is the purpose of the power tap into the gate?” Landry said.

“Come inside and I’ll explain it to you,” the Doctor said.

“Fine,” Landry said. He stepped into the TARDIS. ‘The descriptions don’t do it justice,’ he thought.

The Doctor sat near the console. “I’m not drawing power from the gate. The gate is communicating with the gate on the planet where SG1 is,” the Doctor said.

“You expect me to believe that?” Landry said.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“I don’t.”

“Fine, the TARDIS is sending and receiving signals via the gate to and from the planet.”

“For what purpose?”

“It translates the foreign languages into a language that my travelling companions can understand,” the Doctor said.

“Really?” Landry asked.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“But it doesn’t need to use the gate for that.”

“No, it doesn’t. But it’s easier than projecting the signal at interstellar distances. Do you even know where the planet is?”

“P6Y-362 is over six thousand light years away,” Landry said.

“The signal will continue to use the gate. It won’t interfere with its normal operations,” the Doctor said. He pressed a control on the console. “There, the TARDIS is providing the power, rather than your facility.”

“How long will this continue?”

“Until SG1 gets back.”

“Fine,” Landry said, he turned and then left the TARDIS.

Ao Plaillan countryside, Tiloana
SG1 and their companions were moving wearily through a forest. “Are you certain this is the direction they are approaching from?” Cameron asked.

“Yes,” Lana said.

“Right...” Daniel said, warily. They continued moving forwards.

They soon came to a clearing. Teal’c raised his staff weapon. “They are very close,” he said.

Lana gripped her staff with two hands. “I agree, Jaffa,” she said. She stood defensibly by his side.

Kiara came up and stood at the ready to the other side of Teal’c, who activated his staff weapon.

The group was not prepared for who they would see next...

Two Priors emerged from the trees. “Hallowed are the Ori,” one of them said.

“Hallowed, my butt!” Lana called out, as she tensed up.

“That is not necessary, Ms. Halaia,” Teal’c said.
Lana glanced at the Jaffa. “I will not be letting my energy be sucked out in worship!”

“How do you know that?” Daniel asked behind her.

“Alteran Lies!” the other Prior said.

“The Tau’ri are not the only ones whom have come into contact with the Ancients, Dr. Jackson!” Lana said.

“I guess not,” Daniel murmered.

A large group of Ori troops emerged from the forest and surrounded the expanded SG1. Leading them was Adria!

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