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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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That's something that always bothered me when Vic Fontaine showed up in the last seasons. Shadowplay goes out of it's why to show that holograms can be sentient just as organic beings can be, yet everyone either has to convinced that Vic is "alive" or never accept it. But then, I never got the whole "holograms can't be real" argument, either here or on VOY. This is a society that fully accepts an android as an equal. Accepting sentient holograms shouldn't be that big of a jump for them.
Well an android is real, you can actually touch him, but with a hologram he's just energy and forcefields. I think for many people real is what you can touch which is solid, can a person have a soul without substance? Another thing is that holograms and androids have computer programs to generate their sentience. While people in the late 24th century could accept an android to have sentience, I think a hologram is an even further stretch of their imagination for how their AI can go.
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