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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

Fleet Event Tomorrow: Sunday, 6pm UK time, 1pm East Coast.

Ice Skating Tournament

You will race your fleet mates in pursuit of very cool rewards in 1v1 matches.

Provided we have enough participants we will have a qualifying round and knock-out races with a grand finale.

Rewards are as follows:

1st place: 250k Energy Credits and first choice for 1 Photonic Science officer, 1 Photonic Tribble or 1 Red Winter Box

2nd place: 100k Energy Credits and second choice of the above

3rd place: 50k Energy Credits and the last item of the above.

Everyone else will get 10k credits for participating.

So please show up, have winterly fun with your fleetmates.

And if possible RSPV on the fleet calender in game to give me an idea how many of you will be there.

Minimum would be 6 people.
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