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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

100. Scott Pilgrim vs The World: D+
101. American Ninja: D
102. Revenge of the Ninja: D
103. Lonesome Dove: A
104. Black Swan: B

What a trippy movie. So trippy I'm a bit surprised this is the movie that has so many excited at awards time. Yes, it was well acted, the performances were good. The sets and costumes were adequate, I mean an apartment, ballet stage, bar and a few subways. Not really elaborate. The music fit the movie but isn't a soundtrack I'd listen to over and over.
So Nina is actually undergoing some type of bipolar episode trying to become the seductive Black Swan. To make her mom, who did nothing in dance, proud. To prove to her boss she's got the seductive and elegant chops to be the Black Swan. And of course prove to the bitchy dance troupe she was picked cause she's good. Toss in some "rolling" drugs and you've got one LSD induced ending. Stabbing yourself to bring out what you believe will be your darker side is just...messed up. Again, this had the awards people all stirred up? It was a good movie glad it didn't win Best Picture.
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