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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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This may be a little late but I've had some thoughts about Paradise and this proves how the plot just falls apart.


The next thing is the duonetic field itself, there does not seem to be an indication that it covers the whole planet. Indeed the device does not seem big enough to generate a field that size. So eventually those people from the crashed ship should have fanned out to find a spot where their technology WOULD work.
That's another major problem I have with the episode. I can't accept that nobody ever ventured out to see if they could use their technology elsewhere. Even if we accept that they think it's because of naturally occurring mineral deposits, the whole planet isn't covered by them. Gather some food and start moving. It isn't that hard.

The only explanation I can give it is that Alixus, being the power-hungry tyrant she is, immediately forced everyone to stay in the crash area.

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I rewatched "Shadowplay" after the review and realized that it did quite a bit of the "is a hologram real life stuff" before the Doctor got involved. It reminded me of my episode idea for Voyager where a crewmember secrety replicates the holo-emitter and creates a hologram of his dead girlfriend who he tries to pass off as the real article to the rest of the crew.
That's something that always bothered me when Vic Fontaine showed up in the last seasons. Shadowplay goes out of it's why to show that holograms can be sentient just as organic beings can be, yet everyone either has to convinced that Vic is "alive" or never accept it. But then, I never got the whole "holograms can't be real" argument, either here or on VOY. This is a society that fully accepts an android as an equal. Accepting sentient holograms shouldn't be that big of a jump for them.

As for Blood Oath, I'm sort of with Nerys on this one. This is clearly a departure point for the character of Dax - she's not the same after this one and is indeed simply a Curzon clone. And it's her characterization after this that really turns me off to the character (not that I was a big fan of her before). However, I do enjoy this episode for other elements. Kang, Kor and Koloth are great and seeing them together is excellent as they really play off each other well.

And, to be nitpicky, what exactly was the Albino? Was he a Klingon? Because he doesn't look like any Klingon we've seen otherwise, and I don't just mean his skin color. If anything, I'd have to say he looks like a Tellarite/Klingon hybrid.
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