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Re: Does It Get Better???

Over the last few days I have watched four more episodes:

Tatoo: Once again another alien species from the Delta Quadrant has visited Earth. What a coincidence. On a more serious note, I thought this episode was incredibly dull. I didn't like the main plot with the aliens, and the flashbacks to Chakotay's youth were hardly interesting. I hate to say it, but so far this has been the worst episode of Voyager.

Coldfire: We finally encounter the other being that the Caretaker spoke about in the series premiere. I loved seeing Kes develop her telepathic abilities in this episode. The scenes between her and the other alien of her race (can't remember his name) were very interesting, as were her training sessions with Tuvok. All in all, a very solid episode.

Maneuvers: A good sequel to the last couple Kazon episodes. I enjoyed seeing Seska again; I loved the way she flirted and toyed with Chakotay, and I liked the plot twist with her impregnating herself using his DNA, since it's perfectly in her character. Overall, a fine episode.

Resistance: I'm not entirely sure if I really like this episode or if I think it's merely okay. I liked the guest stars for this episode; I felt a lot of pity for the old man who helped Janeway, and I thought the villain for this episode was very menacing. There were some very emotional moments in this episode; learning that the old man's wife and daughter had been killed, hearing Tuvok screaming during his interrogation.
I think I'll give this one a 6/10
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