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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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The only really good bit was Kira describing to Jadzia what it was like killing someone. The directing in that scene was superb, with both Kira and Jadzia sounding rather nervous (initially) when Jadzia broods about carrying through this blood oath.
I think that Kira and Jadzia work well together whenever the scene sets up a contrast between the two, their perceptions and their backgrounds. Another example is their holodeck time in Way of the Warrior. Jadzia's the "privileged" woman who grew up on a prosperous planet (and is in the minority elite of her culture, no less, by being Joined) and whose trials and personal demons stem from introspective self-doubt and failures to live up to her full potential. Kira, of course, is the woman from a war-torn world who struggled through hell to get where she is and whose demons are grounded in circumstance, external reality, and the trauma of action and experience. I really do wish the two characters had more screen time together, because these scenes where their backgrounds and the women they became because of them are thrown together are usually intriguing. It would have been nice if the writers took advantage of that set-up more often. But I suppose with Worf's arrival Jadzia-as-party-Klingon took over and "introspective Jadzia struggling with being the elite of a priviliged culture" was largely set aside.

The scene Ln X describes is a perfect example of how Jadzia could benefit from Kira's insight, just as the holodeck scene in Way of the Warrior shows how Jadzia can positively influence Kira. I'm surprised more wasn't made of the potential here.
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