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Re: Pon Farr Research

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leifer, I am very skeptical of your intentions here. I have a hard time imagining a university that would accept a subject about a fictional civilization. Please give some backup for this research project or I'll have to close the thread.
Surprisingly, there are several universities that employ the philosophy and vision of Star Trek in the courses they offer. Georgetown U. is one of them.
leifer wrote: View Post
My assignment is to write about a ritual, analyzing it as such and illustrating how it meets the definition of a ritual as discussed in our course material. However, my professor does not want us to use Wikipedia or random websites, but he did recommend that I try posting in a Star Trek forum for information from people who are well educated and possess a lot of knowledge about Star Trek. I can assure you, that as this semester is coming to a close, I am not joking or ill-intentioned in my post. I am merely trying to gain information that my professor will deem credible in writing my paper.

Also, I have watched the episodes and 'done my own homework' but as I need more sources and it is an anthropology course, fieldwork and interviews are necessary, which is why I'm here. Apparently I am taking you more seriously than you are.
As far as I know, Pon Farr was covered in one or two episodes of each series except TNG & TAS. I don't remember the names of the episodes other than TOS: Amok Time and ENT: Blood Fever. You might try reviewing those for further information. Oh, don't forget the absurd third movie I'd rather forget was made: ST: The Search for Spock.
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