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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

This may be a little late but I've had some thoughts about Paradise and this proves how the plot just falls apart. Firstly:

At the start of the first scene, O'Brien detects a duonetic field and he must know about its properties, as that was indicated in the episode. Dig this! So Sisko and O'Brien beam INTO the duonetic field and then wonder why there technology ain't working!!! How stupid is that? They could have beamed somewhere just out of the duonetic field and investigated, but no they beamed inside it!


The next thing is the duonetic field itself, there does not seem to be an indication that it covers the whole planet. Indeed the device does not seem big enough to generate a field that size. So eventually those people from the crashed ship should have fanned out to find a spot where their technology WOULD work.

This would have happened but it didn't, they just stupidly stayed around one area and did not venture outwards??? Those two things cause the whole plot to fall apart. When the people had found a place where their technology worked, they would have sent out a distress call and eventually been rescued. This meant that revolting bitch Alixus would not have been able to implement her dumb low-tech philosophy, and we would have no episode.

Seriously plotholes like this should give Paradise a zero for dumb plot.

Now I'm off to watch the episode!
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