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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Blood Oath was decent accept for one thing; that damned albino word! I dunno why but it made me cringe everytime someone said a***** in that episode! What a naff name! Another gripe with this episode is how implausible everything is, even the script explicitly shows the implausiblity, with quite a few 'I don't hows' and so forth.

Maybe I'm missing something by why did those three Klingons come to DS9? How did the a***** infect those Klingon babies? Why did the a***** even invite Kor and the two other Klingons for this death-party in the first place?

The only really good bit was Kira describing to Jadzia what it was like killing someone. The directing in that scene was superb, with both Kira and Jadzia sounding rather nervous (initially) when Jadzia broods about carrying through this blood oath.
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