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As penance for killing Tali I've decided to finish off my Adept playthrough with Tali as the paramour...a bit tricky considering that Shep is a FemShep, but a little tinkering with a save editor seems to have gotten things moving.

Of course to keep things interesting (and because I can't be bothered to do all those loyalty missions twice in as many weeks) I'm going for a decimation endgame. If I've planned this right, I should end up with only two survivors.

Now if only I can get the damn suicide mission to trigger without recruiting Thane!

[EDIT] Just ran my plan through the Suicide Calculator (a handy little program someone made just for this purpose) and it seems my plan will work. The really funny part is that Mordin will be left to HOLD-THE-LINE all on his lonesome.
I can figure out how to do some loyalty missons and get the person killed, but I'm going to have to plan very carefully to off Morinth.

As for leaving Mordin to hold the line on his own, perhaps he shouldn't have made that comment about Kirrahe
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