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Re: Does It Get Better???

The intrinsic interest of the episode Non Sequitur was of course long ago exhausted. But this is interesting as an example of how the conclusion determines the arguments, no matter what. Which asks the fascinating question of why is the assumption so necessary?

Again, why is it acceptable to keep the antagonist off screen for long periods yet it is not acceptable to keep the protagonist off screen? The same reasons for keeping an antagonist off screen apply to the protagonist.

If the story is about Harry's return to Voyager, what is the purpose of the meeting scene? It makes him look ridiculous, not because he didn't know about a project he didn't work on but because he did and knowingly walked into a meeting that he must fail in. He's already decided to return. If it's to show that he doesn't really have a choice, then all that the episode is about is how he gets back.

In which case, if the story is about how Harry gets back, why have Cosimo tell it all? Why not have Harry do something clever, like trick Cosimo, or "dark and gritty," like torture Cosimo?

I guess what I'm really trying to pin down is whether the assumption that is so vitally necessary is that Non Sequitur is a Harry episode, or that Voyager is badly written?
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