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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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The guy in All Star Superman was basically a combination of the corporate mogul and mad scientist. Morrison is the one who really cemented the corporate mogul during his JLA run. Luthor the globalist who has delusions of grandeur but continues to be thwarted by Superman and the Justice League.
If I recall correctly, there was no mogul aspect to Luthor in All Star. He was a mad scientist, pardoned to work on the space mission, by Gen. Lane. After using the mission to attempt to kill Superman he was reimprisoned. Basically, AS Luthor was "Last Son of Krypton" Luthor.

Now, it is true that LSK Luthor was a billionaire business owner, but never under his own name. Indeed, one of the fun things about LSK Luthor was that, because of his criminal status, he couldn't take credit for his many genius accomplishments, including ghost writing songs for Bob Dylan.

Bottom line for me, at least, is I don't want the Luthor as Gordon Gekko incarnation. Too 80s.
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