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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x12 - "Heresy" (part 2 of 2)

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Also loved how everyone is at their throats, interesting since we hardly saw this either during the shows run. I'm interested in what will happen to Bashir soon.
I think an intense situation like this would bring out people's issues and problems. Especially when not everyone agrees they even need to be in that situation in the first place.

The thing is, Bashir has a point - our heroes fucked up here, to a certain extent. It wasn't strictly their fault, but up to this point, the Bajorans were only a curiosity to the Ascendants, a rumour they hadn't bothered following up on. Now the Ascendants have recognised them as a threat, and they're coming for them.

The Ascendants have gathered all together, a righteous army under an unquestioned and legendary leader. The Bajorans are fractured, arguing over political and religious issues. They tried to drag the Federation into their problem - it didn't work. They tried to drag the Dominion into their problem - it didn't work. Now they're on their own, and the Ascendants are coming.

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The space-battles were almost Babylon 5-like with smaller support vessels as part of the battle in addition to the six starships. I would guess that the approach to starship construction has changed since the Dominion War as revealed in "Children of the Storm" when...
I wasn't consciously aping B5, but I suppose I may have been influenced. It's just that the Ascendant ships were so small that I felt the need to have small Starfleet ships against them too.

On their own, Ascendant ships may seem tiny and harmless - a wasp versus a human. But they've been described as previously having relied on numbers in the past, and now Iliana's working on bringing that back. And put a big enough swarm of wasps up against one human, and they will take the human down. That's what happened here.

Also, strictly speaking, Starfleet wasn't using dedicated fighter craft here, just what they had at hand - the usual complement of shuttles. Did you notice as well the name of the Defiant's second shuttle? The Chaffee had been destroyed in Mission Gamma, leaving the Sagan. Both named after prominent scientists. So for the Chaffee's replacement, I chose to honour another famous scientist - Sheldon Cooper.

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