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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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Yeah, I don't like Nemesis, but I don't like Trek09 either. Yet I'm still a huge Star Trek fan regardless. Still, don't you think it's funny that Trek09 and Nemesis share many similar elements with each other?

- Both reference Wrath of Khan.
- Both have a self-indulging car chase moment that doesn't do anything important.
- Both tried to appeal to a wider audience (One worked, one didn't)
- Both feature a villain who is bald, worked as miners for the Romulans, have a ship with superior technology, a vendetta against a particular crew member on the Enterprise and a planet destroying weapon that is later used against them.
- Both feature a piece of transporter technology that should change the very nature of space travel, but will most likely be forgotten in the next installment.
Yeah it's amazing, isn't it?

yeah, I brought up the "they're more similar than people think" thing earlier. It is kind of ironic. Just goes to show how much proper execution counts.

also, both have a weakly motivated central villain whose resentment at one of the heroes makes no sense whatsoever.
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