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And how is this less admissible as a dramatic technique than keeping the antagonist off stage for nearly three-quarters of the story? There was no good reason for Kim to go to that meeting when he knew perfectly well he had no idea how to proceed. Simply refusing to go for illness was much more sensible and more flattering to your presumed protagonist. Instead, we see Harry being helpless at coping without Tom. That got a lot more dramatization than the decision to go back to Voyager.
Helpless without Tom? Harry might be completely out of his element in that meeting, but Tom wouldn't be one bit of help. Cosimo would, though. Like Tom, he's another character that exists to aid the protagonist.

No, Kim isn't passive. But he isn't heroic. He doesn't even get away from the security personnel without Tom.
Luke doesn't get off the Death Star without Ben Kenobi. Since when are heroes excluded from getting help?

Why on Earth do you think that it matters whether Harry Kim gets back to Voyager? He was a minor character, probably there as a placeholder for a token Asian. There are practically no Kim episodes, even if you count this one. And one of them, Nightingale, is a backhanded slap at network executives by the producers, and possibly also meant deliberately to humiliate Wang by diminishing the character.
That Kim (and Wang) were underused has no relevance to this conversation. Even minor characters get their own episodes sometimes -- and this one belongs to Harry. It also helps that, besides the tag, he's the only character in the main titles to be in the episode (Alternate Tom Paris not being the person we follow week to week).
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