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Re: How have the newer novels affected the reading order?

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OK, unless someone sees something that they feel is blatantly wrong or out-of-synch, here's what I'm considering the proper novel reading order starting with the DS9 relaunch:

A Stitch In Time
Avatar, Book One
Avatar, Book Two
Section 31: Abyss
Gateways, Book Four: Demons of Air and Darkness
Gateways, Book Seven: What Lay Beyond: Horn and Ivory
Mission Gamma, Book One: Twilight
Mission Gamma, Book Two: This Gray Spirit
Mission Gamma, Book Three: Cathedral
Mission Gamma, Book Four: Lesser Evil
Rising Son
Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume One: Cardassia & Andor
Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume Two: Trill & Bajor
Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume Three: Ferenginar & The Dominion
Glass Empires
Obsidian Alliances
Shards and Shadows
Fearful Symmetry
The Soul Key
The Never Ending Sacrifice
The Farther shore
Old Wounds
Enemy of My Enemy
A Time to Be Born
A Time to Die
A Time to Sow
A Time to Harvest
A Time to Love
A Time to Hate
A Time to Kill
A Time to Heal
A Time for War, A Time for Peace
Death in Winter
Taking Wing
The Red King
Articles of the Federation
Orion's Hounds
Q & A
Before Dishonor
Sword of Damocles
Greater Than The Sum
Gods of Night
Mere Mortals
Lost Souls
Losing The Peace
A Singular Destiny
Full Circle
Children of the Storm
Over a Torrent Sea
Watching the Clock
Rough Beasts of Empire
Zero Sum Game
Seize the Fire
Paths of Disharmony
The Struggle Within
Indistinguishable From Magic

I started with A Stitch in Time after Christmas last year and am about to wrap up Resistance. It's been an awesome TrekLit year but it's starting to wind down.
If you wanted you could also throw the SCE series in their at about the same time as Avatar. I don't know exactly how they line up, but the 6th novella, Cold Fusion, leads directly into the beginning of Abyss. It's a full on crossover between the two series, and it leads up to Empok Nor's arrival in the Bajor system.
There are several other tie-ins between it and the other series, including apperances by the Enterprise-E crew in the first story, and just Geordi in the next two. Then we have Cold Fusion as #6, the Gateways epilouge Here There Be Monsters as #10, we then jump back in time and are introduced to a 23rd Century SCE crew in Foundations ( #17-#19). Picard and Vale from TNG (there might be more, but they're the only two TNG characters who are in the character list on Memory Beta) pop up in The Art of the Deal (#45) and then in Malefictorum (#50) we have appearances by at least Kira, Ro, and Treir, Lost Time (#51) continues the DS9 crossover with appearances by Kira, Nog, and Vaughn. The next crossover is Security (#54) which delves into Enterprise-E Security Cheif and future Titan XO Christine Vale's past. The next story, a two-parter entitle Wounds (#55 and #36) features Bashir and the SCE team's medical officer, Elizabeth Lense (who was a classmates of Bashir's and appeared in the DS9 episode Explorers) on a mission that goes wrong. The series then closes out with a 6-part miniseries, What's Past, most of which feature appearances by characters from other series. The first novella, Progress (#61), isn't really a crossover, but it does feature Pulaski, and Sarjeka (who goes on the be a main character in the relaunched Corps of Engineers series). The next novella, The Future Begins (#62), focuses on Scotty's (a supporting character in the series who appears numerous times throughout it's entire run) time in the 24th century and features appearances by Nechayev, Ross, Geordi, and Robin Lefler and her mother. The 3rd What's Past novella, Distant Early Warning (#64) is a 23rd-Century SCE/Vanguard crossover, with appearances by Cooper, Farber, Fisher, Ganz, Greenfield, Zett, Reyes, and T'Prynn. The USS Lovell, the ship from this story and the other 4 23rd century SCE tales, is the same ship that made several appearances in the Vanguard series. The last What's Past novella, Many Splendors (#66) follows Sonya Gomez (from TNG episodes Q-Who and The Samaritan Snare, and one of the series lead characters) and Kieran Duffy (from the TNG episode Hollow Pursuits, and one of the other major characters in the series) time on the Enterprise-D, so it features pretty much the entire TNG cast and ties into numerous episodes. The last two novllas in the relaunched Corps of Engineers series, Remembrance of Things Past part 1 and 2, was a TNG crossover and features Data, Picard and Vale. I haven't read anything past SCE #16 so most of that was based of off the characters lists and descriptions on Memory Beta, and there might be others I don't know about.
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