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Re: How have the newer novels affected the reading order?

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^ Does that mean you're planning on stopping, or just that the year is coming to an end? Because you are SO CLOSE to Destiny that if you stop now I will find a way to punch you through the internet.
Oh no, not on your life. That's all I've heard since I started reading TrekLit again last year. Destiny this and Destiny that. I'm so close now I can almost taste it.

I'm not stopping until I'm caught up with the current novels. After that I'll probably take a Trek break for a few months and read some other books I've picked up before I come back and look into S.C.E., Enterprise, New Frontier, TOS, etc.

Looking at what I still have ahead of me and comparing it to what I've read, I figure I still have several months left before I'm caught up, maybe even mid-2012.

I'll make it soon though. I'm hoping to get a lot of reading in over the Christmas break and be ready to start Destiny by the end of January or so.

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