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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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How did the Trill realise that if they cut open their stomachs and put a disgusting worm that lives in ponds of goo underground into their body that they'd develop a symbiotic relationship? I can appreciate that people sometimes do weird things with their bodies while bored, but that seems to be several steps beyond dripping hot wax onto your arm.
Hmm, good point. Maybe several millenia ago the symbiant took over a host of its own accord, and the host felt very privileged and went around recommending it to people? Perhaps they started pimping out other hosts to symbiants?

Maybe there was an average episode about it, and Garak had something to do with it all, but no one really knows? That's the answer.

Profit and Loss is pretty average, on the whole. Garak makes me go yay! And then also, why did they even bother? Waste of his time, really.
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