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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

There was one good thing about Profit and Loss; Natima Lang, she was the prettiest Cardassian woman I've ever seen. I always thought this episode was a bit of fun, not exactly fluff. I personally thought the whole idea of Quark rediscovering his feelings for Natima was plausible.

Whatever you said TheGodBen about their being signs, you're forgetting that Ferengi pursue profit first, love comes later. And if they can't find a woman, that's where (as Quark says) holosuites come in. So you can make out with all the (imaginary) women you want to... The scene with Natima shooting Quark and then fretting over him was a little mushy, nice little 180 degrees change of heart. I would say this episode is exactly average.
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