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I saw the movie. It definitely presents George as important for winning public support for the war, which is nonsense. Inflating his role makes it a pro-monarchist polemic, which is good grounds for criticism.
You're like the TrekBBS version of Armond White.
I'm not quite certain who Armond White is, but this is surely malicious.
He's a legendarily contrarian (though learned) movie critic. Wikipedia is your friend (in this case).

193. The Happening (F)

The Happening: I'm appalled that Roger Ebert gave this abortion of a movie three stars. The acting is horrible (Mark Whalberg is terribly miscast as a science teacher, although the rest of the cast is pretty bad, too), the direction is mediocre, the score is unmemorable, and the writing is more awful than words can describe. This doesn't even begin to approach the way the movie treats science and scientists, who constantly state in the movie that the universe is not explainable.
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