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Re: American Horror Story Discussion (Spoilers)

Whoah, that was intense! I loved the whole Roanoke thing. Billie Dean is a great character, I hope they get her back on a regular basis.

I wonder if the first twin was really stillborn or if that was a fib to steal the baby for Nora. (That would require that a baby born 3 1/2 months early be able to survive without intensive care, but logic has never been this show's strong suit.)

And that Nora figures out how to feed the baby. For that matter, how did Chad and Patrick plan on caring for live babies? They can't even have supplies sent to the house by phone, since it's unlikely their credit cards are still active.

The quick scenes with Ben cowering in the corner gave me a Benny Russell (DS9) flashback. They're not going to pull a season-ending twist that everything is happening in Ben's mind because he's been committed to a looney bin, are they? That would solve some logic issues, such as that woman from the psych ward who grossly violated ethics and law to tell Ben that one of the babies wasn't his.

A lot of what's happened in the story makes sense from the perspective of Ben's guilt-riddled ghosts vamping around and chasing him, Hayden being a crazy beeotch who's obsessed with him, his rescue of Vivien that apparently "makes things okay" right before she conveniently dies. And if his chief worry is keeping his family together, that's now solved. His wife and daughter are literally prisoners, and have no choice to stay with him as long as he owns the house.
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