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Re: How have the newer novels affected the reading order?

OK, unless someone sees something that they feel is blatantly wrong or out-of-synch, here's what I'm considering the proper novel reading order starting with the DS9 relaunch:

A Stitch In Time
Avatar, Book One
Avatar, Book Two
Section 31: Abyss
Gateways, Book Four: Demons of Air and Darkness
Gateways, Book Seven: What Lay Beyond: Horn and Ivory
Mission Gamma, Book One: Twilight
Mission Gamma, Book Two: This Gray Spirit
Mission Gamma, Book Three: Cathedral
Mission Gamma, Book Four: Lesser Evil
Rising Son
Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume One: Cardassia & Andor
Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume Two: Trill & Bajor
Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume Three: Ferenginar & The Dominion
Glass Empires
Obsidian Alliances
Shards and Shadows
Fearful Symmetry
The Soul Key
The Never Ending Sacrifice
The Farther shore
Old Wounds
Enemy of My Enemy
A Time to Be Born
A Time to Die
A Time to Sow
A Time to Harvest
A Time to Love
A Time to Hate
A Time to Kill
A Time to Heal
A Time for War, A Time for Peace
Death in Winter
Taking Wing
The Red King
Articles of the Federation
Orion's Hounds
Q & A
Before Dishonor
Sword of Damocles
Greater Than The Sum
Gods of Night
Mere Mortals
Lost Souls
Losing The Peace
A Singular Destiny
Full Circle
Children of the Storm
Over a Torrent Sea
Watching the Clock
Rough Beasts of Empire
Zero Sum Game
Seize the Fire
Paths of Disharmony
The Struggle Within
Indistinguishable From Magic

I started with A Stitch in Time after Christmas last year and am about to wrap up Resistance. It's been an awesome TrekLit year but it's starting to wind down.
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