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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

Woo, Innocence Part 2!

I had a bit of a Buffy rewatch earlier this year, and the episode still manages to move in all the right places. I don't cry anymore, but if you know what's coming because you've seen the episodes loads of times over then it's just not going to happen!

Buffy telling her mum that she she was the slayer was a brilliant scene. I loved the gay/coming out context that was there, which something close to home for me way back when. I enjoyed how the role of Buffy's mum increased over the series, because by the time she died in season five, I could be heartbroken all over again. We loved her, as well as feeling bad for those that were close to her.


Spike's about-turn from his Acathla thing was a bit odd, but I can agree with the rationalisation. We see him revelling in the mayhem during the Boxer Rebellion, and the world wasn't ending then, either. He doesn't want the world to end so he can carry on causing misery and suffering! Or so he thought.

I was more 'bothered' by him choking Drusilla! Big, scary Drusilla is taken down by him throttling her? I just laugh at that scene now.

The big heartbreaking moment is Buffy having to kill Angel, just after he gets his soul back. Well blow me down. I need a hug indeed, Mutent Enemy monster. And then the other heartbreaking moment is when Buffy leaves town, with ol' reliable Sarah McLachlan playing in the background. The amount of times I've listened to that song since is unrecordable! I'd just sort of stopped sniffling after the Buffy/Angel stuff, but the shot of her leaving Sunnydale at the end just finished me off really. Excellent, absolutely essential stuff.
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