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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I guess after reading last month of Ghost Rider being cancelled I just anticipated not seeing an issue after #6, even if they were done.

So I was glad to see issue #7 and sad as well cause it's just much more to miss. It looks like the Hawkeye guest spot will be about two issues so maybe #8 will be the final issue.

Would be nice to explore how Adam ties in with being able to rid Johnny of the GR, direct it to Alejandra and still have Zarathos and Mephisto as part of the narrative.
With the movie hitting in February and Johnny a co-star in the book it just seems stupid to not have a book on the shelf as a means of cross promotion. Low selling or not another month or two wouldn't hurt, could marginally boost things if something was timed right. Bring Danny into the book, he's also in the movie(as a tween but still). This just adds the vibe of mismanagement I've felt by Marvel suits of late.
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