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Re: Does It Get Better???

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When Han Solo swoops in to help Luke Skywalker at the end of Star Wars, it's a bravo moment, too. Supporting characters get those sometimes. But Luke's still the protagonist, not Han.
Luke got the climactic moment to the plot, the destruction of the death star. Kim didn't get even a bravo moment in what was supposedly a Kim story. much less the climactic moment, which is Paris martyrdom.

They attempt to dramatize it when Harry finds out that his friend, Danny Byrd, is lost on the Voyager instead of him in this reality. But its not very successful -- Kim never seriously considers staying, even though he's been handed exactly what he wants. I've criticized this twice before, though.
You keep assuming the story is about Kim deciding to go back to Voyager, then concluding the "attempt" to dramatize the issue you assume has failed. It may be a shocking thought, but if the episode didn't spend much time or emphasis on the question, maybe that was because it's not what the episode is really about.

To the degree that the would-be protagonist is absent from nearly three-quarters of the story? Yeah it is.
And how is this less admissible as a dramatic technique than keeping the antagonist off stage for nearly three-quarters of the story? There was no good reason for Kim to go to that meeting when he knew perfectly well he had no idea how to proceed. Simply refusing to go for illness was much more sensible and more flattering to your presumed protagonist. Instead, we see Harry being helpless at coping without Tom. That got a lot more dramatization than the decision to go back to Voyager.

All the heroics aren't due to Tom. Harry isn't nearly as passive as you're suggesting.
No, Kim isn't passive. But he isn't heroic. He doesn't even get away from the security personnel without Tom.

Right. Except for getting home to Voyager, the only goal that matters.
Why on Earth do you think that it matters whether Harry Kim gets back to Voyager? He was a minor character, probably there as a placeholder for a token Asian. There are practically no Kim episodes, even if you count this one. And one of them, Nightingale, is a backhanded slap at network executives by the producers, and possibly also meant deliberately to humiliate Wang by diminishing the character.
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