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While I'm no where near it yet, I'm going to be working on Foxton as a crafter over the next couple of months, so I might be able to help out. (I have a long way to go).

Also, I'm getting Lex up to speed on Tribble breading again and collecting as many variants as I can. Hopefully this should soon mean that I can breed any Tribble you want (that can be bread of course - I can't get you a tribble of borg!) given the right food.

Finally my new Fed toon, Zylah, I'm working on being my main PVP character.
I have a nice tribble breeding chart if you don't have one already. Also I have most of the rare food items that you need for the higher level tribbles.

Thanks, but I've got a couple of those already.

I'm working on a Tribble Breeding calculator, that should let you enter the Tribble you want to breed and list the food and Tribble you need to breed it. I'd like a some point to enter the Tribble you have, the Tribble you want and show a flow chart of how to get between them.
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