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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Chaos Descending wrote: View Post
I keep asking people in game "what's the Security Key Vendor for"? And they all answer, "Its for people who have a key, duh"!
Can you give me the lowdown real quick??? lol
This page should give you the information you need. BlackBerry and Android versions will be coming at some point after official launch; iOS version is available now, and of course you can order a physical one if you prefer. You can also find additional information here in the FAQ.

Yevetha wrote: View Post
Could somebody upload some gameplay footage up to youtube on Voss or Belsavis for me?
Or take a screenshot of a Voss which i could use as and avatar?
Belsavis is a level 41-44 planet, while Voss is a level 44-47 planet. I'm not anywhere near being ready to visit either planet.
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