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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

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Let me ask a question, Spuffer or Bangeler? (Fuffer myself)
Spuffer for sure. I used to ship Bangel in seasons 1-3 when I first watched the show, though - but all the Bangel shipper nonsense about about "one true love forever", "soulmates", "can never love anyone else" etc. really puts me off. In later seasons I got even more into Spuffy (not that I thought back then they would be right for each other or anything, I just find it a lot more interesting), and Angel on the other hand got more interesting on AtS, Angel/Darla is now my favorite out of his ships. I can still enjoy early seasons Bangel, but the attempts to give it fanservice over the years and to revive it in End of Days/Chosen or season 8 put me off that ship big time. It's made both characters regress every time and act like people who can't grow up and who hold onto an immature fantasy about their highschool love and won't admit that they're really both moved on.

One thing you didn't comment on, Dru's attraction to Giles? 'Daddys home' as Barney would say.
D'OH, I knew I forgot something! I was going to mention how that moment when she smiles an evil girlish green and says "I was in the moment" is both funny and creepy (just like Dru). Another sign of Dru being "mercurial" as Marti Noxon said in What's My Line 2 commentary (or Buffy would put it less nicely - "a big ho")! It is pretty funny when Spike and Angel are looking at her and doing: "Um, Dru? Honey? It's enough..."... but on the other hand, poor Giles. It's non-consensual on his part since he was tricked, and how awful it must be for him to hope that Jenny is back and then realize the truth - not to mention that he realizes that he's probably just doomed the world by telling Drusilla how to awaken Acathla!

A couple of points that escaped me about Becoming pt2, firstly Dru seems to be deeply enamoured of Giles but then she always did have a thing for 'daddy'.
'Deeply enamoured' is exaggerating... she was just 'in the moment'.

Why is Buffy still wanted when Xander and Cordy can back up her story?
I'm guessing that they were all trying to stay away from the police for the time being, until they deal with the apocalypse, and they didn't want the police bringing them in as either witnesses or suspects. The charges against Buffy were dropped later during the summer, so they probably later gave the story (or a censored version of it, without the vampire stuff) to the police.

Spike's reluctance to end the world seems odd considering he was happy to do it earlier
I commented on that in Surprise/Innocence: I like someone else's explanation from another forum (or was it LJ) Acathla was a one-time irreversible event where all the world would have been sucked into hell, while the Judge was going to start burning people, which would have lasted a long time and resulted in a lot of mayhem and carnage and fun for Spike, so it makes sense he liked the latter but not the former.
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my Buffy/Angel rewatch

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