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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

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We can also try to get a bit of fleet crafting going.
At the moment, the data sample collection is really growing fast.

Procedure would be, you go look for what you like to have crafted and buy the necessary crafting blocks for dilithium.
Contact the fleet crafter (atm I guess that's me), and send him the blocks plus any data samples you can provide yourself.
If any samples are missing, we will fill in the rest from the fleet bank.
We will then send the crafted items to you.

Why this makes sense: With our pooled resources gear is getting considerably cheaper.
You still have to pay dilithium for it, but only 60-70% of the equivelant vendor prices.
Of course this sucks compared to the previous crafting system, but it is what it is and still better then paying full price.
The fleet keeps you from grinding endless data samples to even GET to the high tier crafting items.

If you are a master crafter and like to take over the position of fleet crafter permanently, please contact me or post here.
I can craft on both the FED and KDF sides. FED is master crafter, KDF is about 100 points short of master crafter. If that fits your needs, I'd like to be considered.

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