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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

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I reorganised the fleet bank a bit more.
From now on only put blue quality gear in.
That way the overall quality and appeal of the bank rises and we have a bit more room.
The green trash was just catching dust.
I also used the credits I got from vendoring the trash off to stock up some blues...

If you have some green equipment, just sell it to a vendor, as well, and either buy some blue gear for teh bank or put the credits in directly.
We will sporadically use the funds to restock.

If you need something feel free to post it here and we can buy it the next time we buy gear for the bank.
Thanks for this Timelord_Victorious, it's looking much better.

Just to add, I'm going to check the bank for any green gear each time I log on and I'll be selling it for energy for the fleet if there's any in there.
I agree with getting rid of Green items, but we may want to consider having one repository for free exchange. Just a thought.
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