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After the way she treated him on Horizon, she had better not plan on seeing my Shepard naked again.
She did write that rather touching message sometime after though. Thats gotta count for something. I liked that she was pissed at him at first. Hell, he was working with Cerberus....SHE SHOULD BE PISSED.
And here I thought I was the only one that agreed with Ash on Horizon. I mean come on! My femshep was a Sole Survivor and she just goes along with Cerberus? TIM must have indoctrinated her with Reaper elevator music or something.

Personally I'm more interested in what'll happen between Ash and one of my other FemSheps...the one I used the save editor on to make Ash her LI instead of boring old Kaiden or Liara...

For the record; my squad of choice in ME1 was usually some combination of Ash, Liara and Tali. The girls always seemed more useful to me. In ME2, again it was usually an all female squad with Miranda and either Tali or Samara. Jack was pretty useless though sadly.
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