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Re: Does It Get Better???

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With all the hot young women on Voyager, it just seemed stupid that Tom would set his sights on Kes and so blatantly in front of Neelix.
Not really, Kes was the hottest!
She was one years old with fangs.

Lindsey Ballard was hotter.
Does Lindsay still count Birthdays? or did she have to start formt he beginning again with Death Days?

So she was either half a year old dead, or forever 23?

Was she immortal.


Living dead.

Or was she just a different sort of alive that was again ageing towards the same sort of death all over again?

You know, Kim could have mentioned Deadlock while hitting on Lindsay.

"At least you had a funeral. Captain Janeway didn't even think about turning the ship around to pick up my corpse fushed out into space."
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