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Re: The Improving the JJprise thread

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I was addressing a post by WWI Flying Ace, not you.
You were responding to my post, so you must've been responding to me at some point...

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Do whatever you want.
It's too bad. If you'd read that post you might see how your response to Ace was unjust.

Oh well.

I think the trickiest aspect of the TOS-E is the design of the nacelle struts. That stated, there have been respectful revisionings of the TOS-E which make them more graceful.
I think what I gathered from Comet's comments about ISDs, etc, was that - if you have a simple silhouette, you need surface details to create visual interest, or vice-versa, thus any redesigned Enterprise, using that observation, would need one or the other to be effective.

I might be reading meaning into it, but that's what his comment meant to me.
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