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Re: The Improving the JJprise thread

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Seems to me they should have used the TOS Enterprise as their starting point, not the TMP one as they clearly did.

Assuming we're pretty much stuck with this ship hardware-wise, they could at least add the TOS-style pennant (seen on a couple of the JJshuttlecraft) to the nacelles and the two opposing "NCC-1701" to the saucer underside. Maybe even the triangles if you can work out a reason for them to be there (the saucer already has landing gear).
If I remember correctly, during development of the JJPrise, they had taken note of Roddenberry saying, during the pre-production of TMP that, the film Enterprise level of design was what they had always had in mind when they made the TOS design. And, had they had the budget, we'd have seen a more primitive version of the film design onscreen, if they'd had the money.

The JJPrise is said to be a backwards-in-time design using the TMP Enterprise as its follow-on, working backwards in ways that make the ship look more awkward.

And in that regard (the awkwardness), it certainly works.
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