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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Playing God had some serious sci-fi slock... A miniture universe? Right... It scarry to think that could have been their universe or think of the ending of Men in Black, with that alien playing around with universes. CRAZY!

This was a meh episode that used the Trill guy to really showcase Dax's character. It's probably from this episode that see the Curzon in Jadzia: singing Klingon opera, greeting that Trill guy with just a towel on...

I disagree with TheGodBen that Trill episodes lose their interest, this Trill episode was not interesting. But I thought Dax, Facets and Rejoined are all good Trill episodes. Maybe the angle about the Trill was one-sided, but I think the Trill were a culture like any other. Perhaps closely related to 24th century Earth, except for the symbionts and all.

The best bits of Playing God was Arjin confronting Jadzia, that was good, and then Arjin crying into his synthale... The worst bit was right at the end when Jadzia pulls off the most stupidest of winning looks and says 'I'm not Curzon!'

Jeez... About the dumbest lines ever, and some of the dumbest directing ever. Seriously how many times have you thought about a person you did not really like, or had bad memories of, and say out loud in public: 'I'm not <blank>'.
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