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If they kill of Dexter's kid next week, it won't be shocking, it will just be lazy. Not that the writers haven't been lazy with the kid since Rita died, anyway. The babysitters in seasons five and six seem to be raising the kid 90% of the time, since Dexter is at work all the time during the week and busy at all hours of the night (and day) on the weekends. And, of course, they never question where Dexter is all the time.

I probably said this already, but, boy, what a colossal waste of Edward James Olmos. I had hoped he would get more to do once the dragged out reveal that he was imaginary finally came about, but instead the writers dropped his character completely. Lame.

This is still better than the dull, disappointing fifth season, though. But -- low standards. The finale to that year was shameful, with unbelievable return-to-the-status-quo resolutions to the Quinn vs. Dexter and Debra vs. Dexter stories.

Also, why did Angel get to live in the last episode? Colin Hanks has been killing people left and right (just look at the people in the house he was staying at) yet he chooses to tie up this guy? He must have known he was a series regular, eh.
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