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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

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While playing the real fan card is of course utterly pathetic pointing out that there is a core set of Trek principles which the last movie has not really cared about is a valid point. McCoy being robbed by his ex-wife, a bunch of Starfleet cadets brawling like Klingons after a gallon of blood wine, a Vulcan deserting a fellow officer instead of putting him into the brig, the movie had some disturbing vibes.
Well, we already argued this ad nauseum in another thread, but I still think you're applying a bit of double standard here. I recall Starfleet officers brawling in "Shore Leave," "The Trouble with Tribbles," Picard's run-in with the Nausicaans, etc. Just to cite one issue. And don't get me started again on how Vulcans have always been capable of behaving badly. (Hello, T'Pring! Really, Sarek, you haven't spoken with your son in eighteen years? Just because he joined Starfleet?)

The new movie was set in an optimistic future in which beings from diverse backgrounds and planets came together in common purpose to defend an Earth that was NOT a post-atomic wasteland or authoritarian dystopia. Kirk and Spock and the others overcame their differences to set out into the final frontier together--with lots of pulpy fun and adventure along the way.

Seemed like Star Trek I grew up on.

And now I really need to get some real writing done!
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