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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

^well said!
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I actually really like Nemesis - but Star Trek XI was a FAR superior movie. That you can't recognize STXI's humanistic core, and want for more meaningless babytalk technobabble (exactly when did TOS explain it's weapons or technology?), is kind of sad.
What humanistic core? A completely ruined context of once beloved characters? Imposter kirk destroying a sitting duck ship and then patting himself on the back for it? The arrogance of the enterprise crew?

Mind you, TOS had a few somewhat arrogant characterizations from time to time, but they were always augmented with humanistic virtue and the sentiment that 'I am learning something about myself right now, about my brethren, about my species, about other species'.

The 2009 thing contained none of that.
I'm kind of bewildered that you can't see Spock's lifelong struggle with emotions, Kirk's drive to succeed against all odds, the tragedy of Spock Prime's faliure to save the Romulans, Nero's want to save his world and his wife.

Spock learned to be himself, not live a lie (blatant "coming out" analogy). Kirk learned that there can be so much more to life than being a petty criminal. They weren't the cheesy "wow, the rock monster was just a mother protecting it's young" plots of TOS, nor the pretentious Berlin wall anology of STVI. But they learned about, and bettered, themselves.
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