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Re: If you don't think Nemesis is better than Star trek 2009....

Hey, I didn't like Trek09 all that much either. But Nemesis, while it aspired to do many goood things for TNG, just failed to deliver them.

The biggest mistake was Rick Berman. While the idea of bringing in new talent to write and direct the film was not at all a bad idea, he still left himself in charge. John Logan's script comes off more like a story written specifically to showcase how awesome Picard and Data are at the gruelling expense of every other character. And indulging Patrick Stewart's love for driving by including one of the most pointless car chases I've ever seen in a movie just showed how detached this movie was in tyring to be about the characters.

But the biggest fundamental screw up that kills Nemesis for me was ignoring one of the most important character growths Picard ever had. The storty behind his artificial heart. The film goes on and on about how Shinzon thinks that Picard is capable of doing the things he does, even to the point where Picard discusses with Data about how the events of one's early life does indeed shape that person's future. Does Picard tell Shinzon about how he was a carefree, arrogant a-hole who learned his lesson the hard way when he was stabbed through the heart? No. He actually tells Shinzon that his heart is the same as his.

Yeah, I don't like Nemesis, but I don't like Trek09 either. Yet I'm still a huge Star Trek fan regardless. Still, don't you think it's funny that Trek09 and Nemesis share many similar elements with each other?

- Both reference Wrath of Khan.
- Both have a self-indulging car chase moment that doesn't do anything important.
- Both tried to appeal to a wider audience (One worked, one didn't)
- Both feature a villain who is bald, worked as miners for the Romulans, have a ship with superior technology, a vendetta against a particular crew member on the Enterprise and a planet destroying weapon that is later used against them.
- Both feature a piece of transporter technology that should change the very nature of space travel, but will most likely be forgotten in the next installment.
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