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ENTER! - Avatar Contests - "Desert Crossing" & "Desert Chic"

Previously, in the ENT Avatar Contests....

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All right, folks. The dust has settled on the battlefield and we award the last avatars standing.

(shamelessly filched from Skywalker)

In the episode category, the Golden Porthos goes to Admiral Shran for his adorably napping Phlox:

We have a four-way tie for second place between the rest of the entrants: Hannukah Solo, HolidayRomantic, Merry JiNXmas, and yours truly.

In the theme contest, we have a tie for winner:

Admiral Shran with another Phlox avatar--this time featuring the sweet Ensign Cutler:

And HolidayRomantic with some sweet Archer love:

We also have a tie for second place between Hannukah Solo and Merry JiNXmas:


Next up: Dessert Crossing. Shirtless Archer & Tucker. Essence of male. Alien Lacrosse. And did I mention Shirtless Archer & Tucker?

Take it away winners!
And so, it's backward we continue to Desert Crossing.

Our theme, as suggested by HopefulRomantic, will be Desert Chic - meaning anything featuring our Enterprise men in their tan desert duds (even if they're shirtless ) or T'Pol in her desert white uniform.

Same rules apply for entries - 150x150 or 140k max size.

The entry thread will remain open for four days, until Sunday morning.

And now, the sport commences.

We all know there's only one way to win this episode contest.


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