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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

^To be fair, there was fun in Craig's films...just of a more dry, deadpan nature.

The classic Bond one-liners are there, just not as over-the-top. SEE, in Casino: "Oh, I'm sorry. That last hand--it nearly killed me."

Reference to the classic Bond Girl "name" gags:
"My name is Mr. Beech...and yours is Stephanie Broadchester--"
"I am NOT!"
"You'll have to trust me on this!"

There's his seduction of Miss Fields in Quantum.

Granted, it's not AS fun as Brosnan's films. Still, I think the Craig era has the right amount of humor for the honest-to-goodness thrillers they're trying to make with these new ones.
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