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Re: Bones and other "serialized procedurals"

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I thought that Homicide: Life on the Street was more of a 'traditional' procedural, although Wikipedia lists it as a serial drama rather than as a procedural drama. Wikipedia also lists The Wire and Fringe as being serial dramas, although The Wire is one of the few hits I got back when I did a search for the term 'serialized procedural' and Fringe, as per its creators' stated intent, is/was deliberately structured as a procedural drama, so I'm now not entirely sure how much credence to give it as a source of information as to what fits the 'serialized procedural' genre and what doesn't.
Homicide definitely is a serialized procedural. It's stories continually build upon each other. The entire first season (which isn't very long) involves Pembleton and Bayliss trying to catch a specific killer. Even when the investigations don't bleed over, the character stories are continuous.

I've never thought of Fringe as truly a procedural show but, if X-Files counts, it does as well. It definitely has serialized elements (which I've been told have increased in frequency, I haven't seen the show in a long time).
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