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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

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I take issue with your review because you're not actually reviewing the movie, you're attacking it for not being an anti-monarchist polemic,
I saw the movie. It definitely presents George as important for winning public support for the war, which is nonsense. Inflating his role makes it a pro-monarchist polemic, which is good grounds for criticism.

and for some reason you think that the movie is presenting stammerers as cowardly and weak when that's the exact opposite of the movie's message.
Again, I saw the movie. "You don't have to be afraid anymore." The whole notion that stutterers stutter because they're afraid is backwards, blame the victim nonsense. The opening scene may have happened but it was nothing like the movie. I guarantee you that somebody in that crowd was laughing (not suitable for a promonarchist polemic however, no matter how much it would have dramatized the point,) some were merely impatient, some were patient, and some were sympathetic. And there was a good chance there was somebody in that crowd saying, he stutters too. Showing the same reaction was a kind of loading the dice, trying to force an emotional response instead of honestly invoking one.

Heck, the movie was written by a man who had a speech impediment as a child and viewed the King as an inspirational figure.
If God's Chosen had such a problem and overcame it, it must be inspirational, right? This personal story is in fact interesting. But it would have been just as interesting if George had just needed to master public speaking for a job, say, teaching. Or, at least, it should have been. I don't think this movie really believes that which is why all the tripe about the importance for humanity of the King's speech.
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