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Re: Charlie Brooker Black Mirror

I also liked it more than the first one. I reminded a me this talk I saw once (the real meat of the issue starts around the 20 minute mark) on how big companies will attempt to use the acquisition of points to get us to consume their advertising, purchase their products and live "better" lives. The professor giving the talk did so with great enthusiasm, but I watched in horror as he described what I consider to be a dystopian future. But one thing gives me hope...

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I thought this was very good......and i was chuckling to myself while watching it on 4OD as it dawned on my i had to watch the adverts as well. LOL
...the fact that I didn't see any ads while watching the show. There will always be technologically savvy people out there that will find a way to circumvent these new methods of advertising as they become more and more intrusive. The characters we saw in this program were like the future's version of Internet Explorer users.

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So we are to beleive that they've been underground so long that world has healed, or that there was nothign wrong with the world.
Are you entirely sure that those windows weren't just another screen?
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