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Re: IRON MAN: ARMORED ADVENTURES: "Iron Forged in Fire" (Spoilers)

Apology for the necromancy but felt it better than starting a new one really.

I got Armored Adventures Season 1 back about the first of November on Amazon, the entire first season, for $14. Making each episode about $.55 so not a bad gamble I thought.

I'm up through episode 19, Technovore, and I'm really enjoying it. As Christopher notes in the OP, once you get past the concept of them being teens and a hyperactive Pepper and just go with it the characters and show itself are quite fun. They've taken a page from the Spiderman book by making Tony and Gene(Mandarin) friends ala Peter and Harry Osborn. The season one arc of finding all the Maklaun rings makes for a good idea imo as well.
A large portion of Iron Man's rogues gallery has thus far been shown and their updates are interesting at times. We've had Black Panther show up and Nick Fury guest star.

Anyone else had a chance to view this series since the show came out. Is season 2 as strong? I noticed a thread on that. Haven't noticed a box set for all of season 2 yet though unless I've overlooked it.
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