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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Nefaria isn't a Thor villain, he's (generally) an Avengers villain. He was also the guy the X-Men were fighting when the original Thunderbird got killed waaaay back when.
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I read Avenging Spiderman #2 last night along with Moon Knight #8.
Both were good reads.
Best line out of AS#2 was Spidey telling Red Hulk, "Lets see if you can be a hero without being ordered to do so." I did roll my eyes at the end when Spidey let the word Rulk out of his mouth. Overall though a nice first arc

Moon Knight #8 continues with the Kingpin of LA storyline. This is part 2 it seems after the opening arc. They keep referring to Count Nefaria as a Thor level baddie and I'm just not that familiar with him. Must have missed him in my Thor reading. My only gripe is that I'm over the head games of Marc envisioning what Cap/Wolv/Spidey might do AND using some of their gimmicks. He even comments he "needs a webshooter".
"Thor level" means he is in Thor's power class. In an Avengers story line back in the 80s (?) Nefaria gained super-strength, speed and optic laser blasts, prior to that he was just a regular human. As you might guess from that power combo he was a pastiche of Superman.
Thanks for the tidbits on Nefaria guys. I went and did a read on his wiki page and the powers you mention Santa Kang are an amalgamation of Living Laser, PowerMan and Whirlwind. Zemo did an experiment and used Nefaria as his lab rat. It also says he took Thor to a standstill which I guess is where Spector/MK goes with the verbiage "Thor level".

Here is the page and panel for reference in Moon Knight #8

In keeping with the Nefaria theme I've gotten the cartoon Iron Man: Armored Adventures and Nefaria pops up as working with Maggia in a story. Interesting timing I thought.
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