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I knew they were going in that direction the moment the therapist started asking her about Dexter and the fact that they weren't biologically related came up. It's definitely an off putting notion but that's the point and I don't get why everyone here seems so against it from a creative perspective.
Yeah it's a deeply off putting idea, but at least it's a daring and edgy storyline. Feels like it's been way too long since this show has had one of those.

And with all she's been through, it does kinda make sense that Debra might have a moment of confusion about her strange relationship with Dexer-- as long as the writers don't take it too much further than that.

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We were teased about this in last year's finale and it was kind of a cop out not to go through with it. But I guess they played with the idea of a "single Dexter" as opposed to one with a girly-girlfriend nearly all the time.
That would have been an awesome reveal last year (and it still seems contrived as hell that Debra suddenly decided to let them go), but frankly that's just too good a moment to waste on a lame season and villain like this one.

Save it for next season instead, and really do it right.
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